Symposium Poetry of the Real: Archives Values Futures. FHNW Academy of Art and Design Campus of the Arts, Freilager-Platz 1, CH Basel Auditorium (D) Free entry, no registration needed.

Understanding the role of empathy and design in catalysing social change and transformation Gamman, L.

About. JDL street art alias Judith de Leeuw is a 23 y/o street artist and born and raised in Amsterdam, NL. In she started her first commissioned works, which also caused her to graduate in art & Design .
Design, Kunst, digitale und analoge Medien prägen Ihre Lebenswelt. Designerinnen und Designer, Künstlerinnen und Künstler gestalten kulturelle Entwicklungen und .
Design Against Crime (DAC) is a socially responsive, practice-led research centre located at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of Arts London.
As part of the proceedings of the transmediale (TM) festival, the Research Institute for Arts and Technology together with Critical Media Lab Basel was invited to stage one of the festival’s many “conversation pieces”.
the academy of art and design fhnw relocates to dreispitz HGK FHNW, Dreispitz-Areal, Basel, Schwitzerland At the heart of an evolving, urbane, inner-city district, the Academy of Art and Design FHNW opens a new campus.
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"I Was Always One of Few Women in the Industry"

Earn a Bachelor or Masters degree from Academy of Art University's School of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA, one of the best schools of art and design. Dr. Craig Nelson Executive Director of Painting & Printmaking / School of Fine Art For more than 30 years, Craig Nelson has depicted figures, landscapes, California coastal vistas, and various environments in rich, vibrant pxtube.gqr: Richard S. Stephens.

Simon Castets is director of Swiss Institute , an independent non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to promoting forward-thinking and experimental art making through innovative exhibitions and programs. I've been coming to Basel for years, both as a consummate art lover and in my role as director of Swiss Institute.

Over the course of my many trips to the city -- filled with visits to some of the world's best museums, and meetings with artists and curators -- I've always been impressed by how vital art is to the city's urban identity.

It can be found almost everywhere you look, at the highest quality, in a city with fewer than , inhabitants. Tacita Dean's mission to save celluloid. So while Art Basel is the major draw this time of year, it's far from the only show in town.

Here are some of the most exciting exhibitions to look out for beyond of the main event:. SALTS, tucked away in the city's outskirts on the banks of the Birs river, is one of the most exciting contemporary art institutions in Basel. The space is run by Samuel Leuenberger and curated by Elise Lammer. In addition to their astute selection of today's most compelling artists, what sets SALTS apart is their innovative approach to site-specificity. Each exhibition engages with the non-traditional gallery space in a fascinating way -- sometimes completely transforming it, other times enacting subtle, poetic gestures.

Lawsuits, forgeries and family feuds: The afterlives of famous artists. Swiss Institute had the pleasure of hosting Luke Willis Thompson last summer when we invited him to screen and discuss his recent films. The year since has been transformative for the young artist: In its elegant, restrained formal composition, the work deftly navigates complex, troubling ruminations on race, inheritance and systemic oppression.

Amalia Ulman's Instagram performance exposed the flaws in selfie culture. That Thompson films his work on 35mm film, as opposed to digital, enacts a sensory experience that necessitates an in-person visit. Wilson', 'Engrav'd by J. Wood' and publication line: Boydell, Engraver in Cheapside, London '; a note about the lake inscribed in ink at lower right of sheet. This gorgeous statue is well poised with outstretched arm holding a longbow and draped stylised cloth arcoss both arms.

Watercolour or a angels practicing metalurgy in an attempt to make gold. This unique watercolour is by the noted artist G. Gallo and is after a fresco painting in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

Signed "Pompei Amorino trionfante". Italianfull wall mural painting on canvas. Well painted in the Rococo manner , with figures in landscape with risque poses. Unusually large size hand painted canvas on wooden frame with wonderful sepia tones.

The pompeiian paintings of cherubs pouring wine and playing music are of superb quality. Bisogno is the most famous of the Pompei artists. His work is executed with great details. These rare trumeau frames are ebonised and veneered in rare tulipwood sometimes referred to as kingwood.

The crown piece of an architectural element with peaked Roman facade, and mounted with bronze bust of a goddess and god. These would look fantastic atop of a pair of biedermeier or empire commodes. Would be very compatible with painted french furniture in the neoclassical manner as well as English Regency interiors. Watercolour or a seductive angel picking delicate flowers, holding a basket.

This unique watercolour is by the noted artist Bisogno and is after a fresco painting in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Italian 16th Century Oil on canvas of a Lady mixing potions.

She is dressed in ancient Roman style clothing and is pictured in an Italian garden setting. Possibly an allegory of Mary and healing of the heart. Unsigned and relined on a 19th century canvas and in 19th century gilt frame. Painting on wooden stretcher unframed measures around 30 x 23 cm.

With frame 42 x 34 cm. Estate of Amalie von Plomgren, signed on reverse,a Swedish nobel family. Dimensions Height 20cm Length 36cm Description Gallo signed watercolour dolphins and a cherub.

Beautiful detail and signed Pompei Amorino. These fine watercolour and Gouache paintings were part of the Grand Tour collection in Pompeii. Part of a collection of Grande Tour artifacts collected throughout Europe. These scenes were being excavated in Pompeii as wall frescoes. Depth 26cm Description Large Cherubs Gouache and watercolour by Vincenzo Bisogno listed artist of a pompeiian frieze painting. Length 44cm Description Gallo signed watercolour and gouache painting of goats and chariot with a Faun and reclining Venus.

Signed "pompei- trionfo di Venene" The triumph of Venus. Part of a collection of Grnade Tour objects and artworks. Wonderful gilded and painted French Trumeau mirror on the grand Scale. Perfect for the dressing room! This large mirror features carved panels with watergilt moldings and rosettes and an original oil on canvas.

The painting measures H51 xW 88 cm. Mirror measures H cm x W83 cm. Original paintwork on timber frame and retains its original 19th century glass mirror plate. A superb and impressive piece of decore for the grand Salon. An antique oil on canvas of the Muse Polyhymnia, inspiring Music and poetry. This late 18th early 19th century grissaille painting is probably based on a ceiling fresco which probably no longer exists.

The Muse is drapped losely in an Ancient Roman costum and is pointing upward to the sky's for inspiration. Signed Polyhymn to lower right and Artist siganture on lower left. Height 40cm Width 40cm Description. Engraving after Silvestre original engraving by A. Silvestre of Ascent to a mountain fortress. These fine sculptures area real bronze pair of sculptures of stately and majestic pair , left and right facing stags on a naturalistic sculpted rocky outcrop in bronze.

Lovely verdigris patina, lifelike pose and well executed. A real feature for any stately mannor house. This gorgeous ecstatic lady appears to be flying in the air with arms and legs outstretched in the manner and style of Carl Milles, Swedish sculptor…. Perfect for the gallery home or straight into the shop. She does not have any repairs or restoration and is in excellent condition.

Please also look at my other listings , NOTE the white marble pedestal upon which she fits perfectly is listed separately. An impressive life sized bronze pair of statues of whippets or greyhounds one facing left the other facing right.

She is surrounded with musical instruments including a LUTE and English Guitar and has a folio of hand written sheet music by her side. Dressed in fine silks and satin she is most probably a MUSE of music and is painted in the manner of the famous celebrated English artist: This painting is very similar to his portrait of Ann Ford who became Mrs. Thicknesse, and dates from around Please be aware this is NOT a new artwork so t will have minor bumps and bruises common to its age, but nothing major to detract from the sheer opulence of this big canvas oil painting.

The sculpture or statue was first exhibited at The Salon in Paris in This period terracotta is a smaller scale model of the original bronze. Aizelin began his studies under Dumont at the Ecole des Beaux Art in and debuted at the Salon in He exhibited there regularly until and also at the Exposition Universelle in The famous foundry of Barbedienne produced a number of his models including the present example, in the following sizes: Kjellberg, Les Editions de l'Amateur, Paris, page Dimensions Width 41cm Height 34cm Description.

An antique original and beautiful Dutch 17th century style oil painting on canvas in gilt period style carved wood frame. Stamp to rear of canvas no signature is apparent on this masterpiece. Beautifully painted on hand woven canvas, I date this to the 19th century but it could be earlier. No signature that was apparent to me. Is this a missing masterpiece that has not yet been identified?

The painting quality certainly indicates this to be of the finest quality. An antique original and beautiful Dutch Maiden in period costume hand painted on mahogany panel. The maiden listens attentively to her mistress who is symbolically lighting a candle alluding to "enlightenment".

Beautifully painted on a solid mahogany wood panel and with later modern frame. There appears to be a faint signature to the bottom right hand corner?? On the back panel is an antique numbered auction house sticker with as well as a more recent chalk number , possibly from a more recent art auctioneer?

Width 54 cm Description 18th century painted neoclassical wooden panel painted in the Adams style with swags and cabuchon lozenges. This classic detail was probably part of a grand cabinet and retains most of its water gilt carved molding Circa Price SOLD. The original painting is entitled Triton and Nereid and dates to Height 21cm Width 35 cm Frame dimensions: Nicely framed in a modern vintage giltwood frame. Late 19th , early 20th century , unsigned.

Mounted in wooden frame and under glass. Beuatifully framed in giltwood frame and under glass. Nicely framed and under glass. Dimensions Height 93 cm Width cm depth 7 cm Description An original oil on canvas painting of a beautiful lake scene with glacier and boating party. No signature to date this painting by. On the reverse is an artists notation Sept ' Nicely framed in solid oak frame.

Dimensions Height 36cm Length 29cm Depth 4cm Description An stylized etching of two nude women in bomdage of the early 20th century manner.

One for the conversation room? Weight is around grams. La cuisine ambulant des matelots , Description An copper plate engraving published by Chez Basan, Paris, In beautiful gilt frame of the mid 19th century. This painting has been mounted on board and is framed and under glass.

A second canvas is also available, please see below. A second canvas is also available, please see above. This unique watercolour is by the noted artist Bisogno and is after a fresco painting in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii it is complete with original carved gilt frame and under glass.

This large mirror features carved panels with watergilt moldings and rosettes and an original oil on canvas after the famous 18th century painter Fragonard with two maidens being entertained by a musician in the forrest. The painting measures H51 xW 88 cm Mirror measures H cm x W83 cm Original paintwork on timber frame and retains its original 19th century glass mirror plate. These wonderful Gouache and ink drawings are just superb studies of interior design wall art from the Roman times.

Priced as a set only. In lovely giltwood frame. Giovanni Gallo Pompei Amorini Vendemmiator. Cherubs picking grapes from an ancient Roman frieze painting. Scognamiglio and Pompei La Corsa. Beautifully executed gouache and water colour in the traditional ancient Roman style.

Stamp to rear of canvas no signature is apparent on this masterpiece Beautifully painted on hand woven canvas, I date this to the 19th century but it could be earlier. Height 94 cm …. Height 48 cm …. Beautifully painted but unsigned Circa Price: This well exhibited artist arrived in New Zealand in and settled in Dunedin.

This work is signed lower right and on the reverse a fine copperplate scrip reads " Lorne Castle Stirling Shire, Scotland J.

Age unknown presume early 20th century? Unsigned but very well executed and decorative. This is a museum casting of on of the Elgin Marbles, parts of the Parthenon's original ornamental panels. It has a steel hook to suspend it from cast into the back. Description Antique late 19th or early 's oil painting on canvas of a forest scene. Description Antique engraving mounted in wooden frame and under glass.

Dimensions Height 45cm width 42cm Depth 6cm Description A highly decorative French 18th century style oil painting on board in gilt ornate fram. Dimensions Height 67cm width 77cm Depth 6cm Description An antique oil painting on canvas featuring several Dutch ships at sail. Dimensions Height 32cm Length 41cm Description An original work of art using gouache , a must unforgiving paint which leaves no room for error.

Dimensions Height 51cm width 57cm Depth 6cm Description A highly decorative French 18th century style oil on canvas real painting of an angel or cupid holding a bouquet of flowers. Dimensions Height 51cm Length cm Description very large and impressive 18th century oil on canvas of a landscape with castle and lake scenery.

Dimensions Height 51cm width 57cm Depth 6cm Description A highly decorative coloured lithograph depicting Durham Cathedral, from the river.

Jens Juel Danish Museum of Art. Dimensions Width 37cm Height 46cm Depth 2. Dimensions Width 67cm Height Dimensions Height 85cm Width 73cm Depth 2. Title Heavy Bronze paperweight depicting a poet, possibly Goethe.

Dimensions Height 69cm width La cuisine ambulant des matelots , Description An copper plate engraving published by Chez Basan, Paris,

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With the International Master of Design UIC/HGK (MDes/MAS) and its Summer Workshops, the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, in its capacity as a spirited teaching, learning and research community, offers selected international students and experienced professionals the opportunity of continuing education in the rich Basel School of Design tradition. and Art oriented Institutes the Academy of Art and Design Basel (HGK Basel) as a Department of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW). Academy of Art and Design Institute, FHNW in Basel The philosophy of the Institute of Fashion Design is distinguishable within the Institute’s own name: ‘Doing Fashion’. Doing Fashion means to be involved and responsibly participate in the design of the present and the future.